Fair Chance Employment

What is the Connecticut Fair Chance Employment Act?

The Connecticut Fair Chance Employment Act is a set of hiring policies for private employers, designed to ensure that applicants with criminal records are evaluated on the merits of their qualifications, not their criminal records.

What are the key features of the policy?

Incorporate “ban the box” policies, which remove the criminal history question from job applications and postpone the background check until a conditional offer is made by the employer. Require employers to take into account the age of the offense when making hiring decisions.

For CT policy specifics please visit the Connecticut General Assembly website:

HB 5237: An Act Concerning Fair Chance Employment 

A fair-chance policy has a real impact.

Research indicates that one an employer has had a chance to examine the qualifications of the applicant, the employer would be more willing to hire the applicant.

Nationwide, 19 states have embraced fair hiring, with seven extending it to private employers, including our neighboring states; Massachusetts, New York  and Rhode Island.

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